Drey The Basketball Whisperer | Unlocking Players’ Extra Gear

Drey The Basketball Whisperer unlocks athletes’ extra gear by providing them with strategic tools and mantras to help them under pressure.

Mantras are very effective and popular practice with athletes to enhance their sports performance and to help keep them going when things get tough. 
Positive, motivational, and inspirational self-talk has been helping professional athletes win for decades.  

At all levels of sports performance, it’s not just physicality, but the athlete’s will and focused determination that drives them to perform at their highest level when it matters most. Mantras unlock athletes’ extra gear when they need an extra shot of courage and strength. 

Drey The Basketball Whisperer believes Mantras to be short, positive, instructive, and actionable.  Repeat your mantra to  direct your mind away from the negative thoughts, feelings, and distractions and to focus your mind on the helpful thoughts, feelings, and experiences you desire. 

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