Drey The Basketball Whisperer |Understands What it Takes to Be a Mentally High-Level Athlete

Drey The Basketball Whisperer sits court-side and observes the game but he observes from a different angle, he’s observing and taking notes from the mental aspect of the game. Before players make the team physically (on any level) they must mentally first make the team and that’s what he practices.

Drey The Basketball Whisperer has seen players from beginners all the way to pros benefit from the “Mentality”. In fact the younger the better, over time the “Mentality” will be a part of their everyday life. But it simply comes down to the fact do they believe in themselves. “Mentality” has worked for many different athletes of all ages and levels giving them the confidence to boost their performance at their highest level, not only on the court but in life.

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