Drey The Basketball Whisperer | Talks to ESPN About the Importance of The Right Mentality

Drey The Basketball Whisperer tells ESPN it does not matter how hard you work if you don’t believe in yourself. When the lights are on and you tense up under pressure all your hard work will go unnoticed without the right mentality and approach. The younger an athlete starts and perfects the positive Mentality the more successful they will be in sports. It’s not always the best athlete on the court who performs the best its the most comfortable athlete who performs the best.

Drey The Basketball Whisperer knows athletes who are self-motivated and take part in sports for the pure enjoyment of it.  They do not need rewards to participate.  To succeed in your sport, it’s important that you love to play or perform. It’s not a good idea to take part in sports because you want to make others happy.

When you have a real passion for the game, you’ll have more staying power and feel more committed to sports over time. Passion works in your favor, it makes learning fast and fun.

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